Go-Tract GT-1200 Drill Carriers

From swamplands to mountains, during summer and winter, the rubber tracked vehicle Go-Tract® carries  4,535 kg of payload.

Power, traction, stability and flotation make these tracked utility vehicles the standard for dependability and versatility to work over difficult terrain. Our vehicles have a proven undercarriage system that provides great stability to the tracks while their unique microcontroller system optimizes the performance in any conditions, allowing you to access off-road areas and work on rough terrain.

The trucked carrier Go-Tract are widely used as carriers for aerial devices, drilling equipment, digger derricks, cranes, fuel, as well as for other applications in the construction field.

They provide excellent value by efficiently and safely working where rugged terrain such as steep hills, swamps, rocks, mud and snow make it difficult to complete a task.

If low ground pressure and traction are needed, a Go-Tract tracked carrier is the solution!

Manufacture Brochure (PDF)