Direct Push Drilling

Direct push drilling includes several types of drilling rigs and drilling equipment that do not involve a rotating drill string. Instead, the drill string cuts through material to create a borehole by pushing or hammering. Direct push technology can also be combined with sonic (vibratory) methods to increase drill efficiency.

Direct push rigs are usually utilized only for drilling through shallow, unconsolidated soil materials and very soft rock. Direct push drilling rigs include both cone penetration testing (CPT) rigs and direct push sampling rigs such as a Power Probe or Geo Probe. CPT rigs advance specialized testing equipment (such as electronic cones), and in ideal conditions, can achieve production rates of up to 250–300 meters per day.

For direct push sampling rigs, the speed and depth of penetration is largely dependent on the soil type, the size of the sampler, and the weight and power of the rig. The advantage of direct push drilling is that, in the right soil type, it can produce a large number of high quality samples quickly and cheaply.